Audio Services


Neumann u47’s, AKG 451’s, Shure 57 and 58’s, CAD, Studioprojects, Figure 8, Omni, Microtech Gefell, etc etc.


ATC, Tannoy, Bluesky, KRK nearfield.

Studio recording

Up to 24 simultaneous tracks at 24 bit 96/48/44.1 K using a variety of mics and preamps. Three different monitor arrangements and up to 6 different headphone mixes

Live recording

24 track HDD 24 bit 44.1/48K  giving unlimited continuous recording with a hot-swappable 2RU
Interface to 3 pin XLR  or Balanced/Unbalanced 1/4 in jack or Lightpipe. Various portable mixers or interfaces depending on the exact requirements of the job.
Korg MR1000 records 2 tracks at 44/49/88/96/192/ and 1Bit @ 2.6/5.2 DSD
2 x Shotguns with blimps.


Some of the recordings I do involve some input from me in the area of arrangement – writing or otherwise suggesting musical ideas to a client.
I have helped create so many projects that by now I’m not attached to ideas. They are not intrinsically right or wrong, its more whether they are relevant and serve the project.

Some larger projects require management of budget and resources. I am happy to consider such extra responsibilities with sufficient discussion and planning.
I always make an effort to let my clients know where they are in the production process day by day as we progress, and of the likely consequence of changing plans etc.

Score – with Sibelius 5 and 6

Over 40 year’s professional use of scores from solo line to orchestra. Scoring from MIDI files or by hand from keyboard input. Score printing, binding, part extraction and rationalization.

Sequence and Create with Native Instruments Komplete

Native Instrument’s Kontakt  64 output sampler and a vast sample libraries at your fingertips.


I have completed over 300 CD’s of which I have mastered about 220. I have cut over 5,000 masters for vinyl production over a period of 25 years.
I like to offer a very competitively priced and quick, efficient service, while maintaining the spirit of the music intact.

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