Floor Module

If the existing floor of the proposed installation is flat to within 2mm  and in good condition, and does not resonate unduly, the booth may successfully be placed directly on an existing floor. Typically this would suit concrete poured floors, or a well laid hardwood. A suitable carpet and underlay are required to complete the acoustic seal. The advantages of this type installation are saving in cost and shipping weight, lower overall height and simplicity of installation.

Optional Floor Module

For installations on an uneven or wooden floor on joists or in situations where there may be noticeable noise transmitted through the fabric of a building, we recommend the addition of an optional floor module.

The FLOOR MODULE is fabricated from steel and has a plywood platform set into the frame.


carpet or varnished  timber supplied to order. Alternatively you can supply the carpet, which must be ready in installation day.

Adjustable locking feet

allow for leveling on an uneven floor, and increase isolation. The user must be able to step up into the raised booth. Typical adjustable Height 120 – 150mm

Heavy duty locking castors

allow the whole booth to be moved easily. This might suit use in a large flat area, for example a stage. Height 125mm

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