Light and Air

We use a small sealed power supply in the Window Module that provides 12 V DC for the low voltage LED lighting and air circulation systems in the roof.

At the top of the module there is a recessed connection to the ceiling module. The connections are easily made by standard low voltage bullet connectors. Spare connectors are readily available from auto electrician supplies.


Lighting comprises two or more Par 16 cans mounted beneath the ceiling

These are fitted with  7 Watt  LED daylight lamps


  • are very efficient and long lasting
  • generate much less heat than Halogen Lamps
  • have negligible  UV output, allowing longer session times and less UV hazard
  • run cool and may safely be adjusted or handled while switched on


is built into the ceiling module and is powered by small 12 volt almost silent fans. We do not offer air-conditioning in these units as it is very difficult to silence an air-conditioning unit within a booth. If air-conditioning is required it may be a simple matter to connect the inlet duct of the air circulation in the ceiling to the building using flexible ducting.

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