My Music

I have been playing music since I was 4 -thanks mum! and writing since 10. There is quite a lot of it out there in one form or another. Below you will find some links to some of it.

here is an excerpt from Life in the World Unseen part IV which is track four on the Album ‘Migration’ It features Greg Sheehan on slack tambourine and found percussion devices, Michael O’Connor on flute with Ernie Gruner, Francesca Black and Jenny Thomas on strings. I play 6 and 12 sting guitars.

Following on from my earlier album ‘Life in the World Unseen‘ this dynamic track is mainly in 7/4 time and features an expansive arrangement. It celebrates the excitement and wonder of exploring a new world of spirit, where vibration forms reality and everything sings.

Robin Williams explored the possibilities of existence in this realm in his groundbreaking and controversial film ‘What Dreams May Come‘ (1998) directed by Vincent Ward. This was based on a book that was I think inspired by Anthony Borgia’s beautiful and hopeful book published in 1954



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