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Spring Studio Melbourne - quality product since 1983. Whether its Audio ~ Video ~ Vinyl Mastering ~ Modular Sound Booths or Innovative Public Art
Each project receives our full support and the attention it deserves.

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Three P2 cameras and several others provide high quality capture at an affordable and flexible price. Creative Editing and detailed Authoring complete the picture
Great Mics and Monitors, 40 years experience and an undying passion for creative expression. Compact reliable rigs for live and location recording. Happy Studio environment.
Modular Sound Booths locally manufactured provide a swift and flexible solution to changing needs. Chosen by the ABC, Universities, Film Studios and Home recordists alike
provide reliable remotely adjustable systems for public art animation and automation with a focus on sustainability and self management


a Melbourne based company with a passion for creative expression and excellence. That is not to say we don't HIGHLY respect traditional wisdom.
We are not frightened to try new approaches
Every day is a blessing and a challenge.
Each project is different and requires individual consideration to ensure success
We create dream results by delving deep into the essence of the work
Its become a Buzzword , but WE WERE HERE FIRST! Innovate or stagnate. .


Manager Harry Williamson has a history of working on ground-breaking projects since the '70's. Arriving in Melbourne in 1982 he fell in love with the then sleepy provincial capital and has watched it grow to its current world famous position.
Spring Studio started in 1983, and Harry later managed 'The Pressing Plant' at Richmond Recorders and was consultant at several other Vinyl factories, while simultaneously producing over 350 LP's and CD's and designing several studios.
In 2009 he was asked to assess the Federation Bells at Birrung Marr, just near Federation Square, a iconic public Art installation that needed a sympathetic overhaul. Spring Innovations won the tender to renovate and invented, designed built and installed novel smart actuators, a comprehensive remotely operable computer system and later in 2012 oversaw the creation of an app to play the bells live onsite. Its worthy of a visit!
IN 2005 Spring Studio build the first Modular Sound Booth for Brand Music and now our great sounding installations are in daily use by studios, Film Production Facilities, Universities and the ABC

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We are not selling customized pillows or cuddly toys or chemicals, or racing cars.

we record and produce video and music

Modular Sound Booths and recording accessories

Reliable automation systems for installations