Music Production

We love to produce all sorts of music. From concert Hall to our modest studio, we work with you to craft sounds of lasting worth.

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Video Production

From one camera to four, excellent sound, flexible crewing on an affordable budget

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Custom Actuators, novel reliable control systems for public art installations like this one , the 'Federation Bells' in Melbourne, and other original ideas.

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Modular Sound Booths

as used by ABC, film and audio studios. Installed in a day, get a great sound straight away. Also good for rehearsals, Skype . .

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Modular Sound Booths

carefully tuned to suit voice, or instrument, available in Standard, Heavy or Extreme build ready to work 24/7.


Spring Innovations

design and fabricate highly reliable custom systems for public art installations. The actuators for the Federation Bells installed in 2012 are still ultra reliable after 76,661,083 million strikes

A Selection of our Clients



to avoid a cancellation fee, please give 48 hour notice (required) on all bookings. One ‘Call’ is 3 hours. Location costs may vary.

Mates Rates

Audio per hour

  • Billed per 1/4 hour
  • Mon - Fri 10am-10 pm
  • 48Hr Cancellation Fee

Audio per Day

  • 9 hours
  • includes1 hour lunch break
  • Limited accomodation available
One Operator

VIDEO per 3 hour Call

  • three P2 cams, one CamO
  • Great Audio
  • Shoot/Edit/Post - same rate


  • 3 hour min call
  • up to four Cam Operators
  • Audio Mutitrack available


  • Melbourne Metro Free!
  • Price per vehicle required
  • Billed proportionately


  • 24 track HDD + UPS + HOTSWAP
  • Interface to XLR/TRS/LIGHTPIPE
  • MIC Pre's/H-Phone Mix/Radio etc

Realise your Dreams

we would love to help you achieve a great result for your project. It starts with a conversation

More Info

here are some common answers and links to detailed information.

What’s an Actuator?

A simple machine that can be controlled very accurately to strike an note, move a mirror, open a door . . we make ultra reliable rugged actuators for public art projects

What do you like to record ?

Jazz, Acoustic, Solo artists, Choirs and World Musicians. Poets, Writer and Performance Artists.
Meditation Aids, Voice Overs – I also love recording the natural world.

Do you write music for other people?

Yes, I write and score music in a few different styles for varied projects. I have also collaborated successfully with many other artists

How do I prepare for a Video Shoot?

Its usual to have an onsite visit before the filming day to help the crew get familiar with access, parking, lighting, mic placement, acoustics, and liaison with key staff. Think about clothing – avoid stripes!

Video Edit – do I bring Audio?

If you are supplying background music, then have a list of tracks by title and source, and bring the original CD’s. We prefer not to use mp3’s ripped via iTunes etc, as the quality suffers. If the project is for public sale, you will need to get written permission from the publishers of works you wish to include.

Video Edit – What about Titles?

You should provide a plain text (.txt) file of all the credits, with the names double checked. It take time to render the final video output so please proof read the titles with care. Better to be safe than sorry as redoing work takes time and money.

How long does a concert recording take to set up?

For a 3 camera shoot with multitrack audio, about 2 hours once the gear is unpacked. For a simple band stereo shoot , about 45 minutes.

I have question Id like you to answer here!

Please use . this link to contact us!

What is DVD authoring?

Authoring is a process whereby the menus, navigation buttons and other features are linked to the video at the right location so the finished DVD functions correctly.
It can include creating Subtitles and alternate audio tracks

How do you create DVD subtitles?

Subtitles are made using a very specific text format which is added to the project during the authoring. They are linked to specified frames in the video and use standard fonts. They maybe switched on and off using custom buttons. They can be time consuming!

Production Team

Tarka the Otter

Tarka the Otter

water wrangler

Likes to play a lot, then go fishing, on his own.

Maribel Steel

Maribel Steel

Quality Control

aka "Big Ears' she uses her fine sense of hearing to validate the mixes once the project has been completed

Harry Williamson

Harry Williamson

Producer and Engineer

music, video and innovative solutions to interesting problems.

Brian Steel

Brian Steel


Loves Language, any language, discourse and Shiraz

About Us

Spring Studio has been involved in Audio and Vinyl Record Production since 1983 in Melbourne. More than 350 Albums and 20 concert DVD’s , a lifetime dedicated to sound and vision. Owner Harry Williamson plays music and enjoys sailing and rambling. Since 2002 Spring Studio has also been producing concert DVD’s and Documentaries.


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