Modular Sound Booths Overview

After several years trials and research we present a new and updated range of components

You can design the booth of your choice.

Over the past thirty years designer Harry Williamson has built a variety of legendary sound rooms to suit different users, for music production, voice over, practice, druming, small singing groups etc. During that time he has refined the design and assembly – now the flexibility and ease of configuration creates an installation that can be adapted to most needs, and be installed and moved in hours.

Newcomers to recording and acoustics sometimes imagine a lightweight booth will offer complete sonic isolation from the surroundings. It won’t, no matter what it is made of or how it is designed. Our booths sound great and come in three flavours of isolation, Standard, Heavy and Extreme.

Internal Dimensions

Booths are specified in Internal Size in Metres. Thus 2 x 1.5 is 2M x1.5M internally, nominal.  Why Nominal?  Since the walls are staggered to improve the acoustic performance, the exact dimension varies across the booth.  All Standard booths are 2,3 M high inside.

See Plan Vews

External Dimensions

Booths are approximately 0,3M ( 300mm) larger OUTSIDE than they are INSIDE. So a 2 x 1.5 will be about 2,3 M x 1,8 M OUTSIDE.

Heights Vary!

The ceiling adds about 0,1M or 100mm to the booth height. A further clearance of at least 0,1M is required to allow for air circulation and assembly So in this case the Height is 2,4M and Minimum Room Height 2,5M.

If you are specifying an optional floor module, add another 0,125 to this, so the total height will be 2,525M in which case the room height should be 2,65M to allow for assembly.

We offer three different types of isolation, Standard, Heavy and Extreme!

Other suggested uses

Our sound booths can  provide

  • a private space within an open plan office
  • a quiet moment in a school or staff room for that phone call
  • a place to communicate well without being overheard
  • a perfect environment to Skype in the midst of a modern noisy workspace
  • a space to perform a highly treated narrative in a live theater
  • many other useful sound isolation and control functions.

Warning – Use limited only by your imagination!


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  • I recently did a sound effects job on one of the episodes for 1001 Nights (the animation for CLF in Richmond) and not only do the animations look great, but the vocals sound great too. The booth held up really well and microphone choice spot on. Really proud of the work and how everything came together from scratch.


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