Standard, Heavy or Extreme

Standard Isolation ~ 24db C weighed

Suitable for most vocals and light acoustic instruments. Placed in a well constructed existing space it will allow you to practice an instrument without annoying your flatmates, record excellent vocals without the noise from computers, play moderately loud guitar thru an amp inside the booth and be able to hear the backing track without going deaf – all the usual day to day functions provided by a sound booth. It wont allow you to do a sensitive audio voice-over in a room with a circular saw running (we tried that!) but you can make a quiet phone call with machine tools working and its really easy and pleasant to hear yourself sing and play. Your recordings will have an immediate accuracy and presence that might otherwise take ages of experimentation with mics, EQ and pre-amps to achieve.

Heavy Duty Isolation ~ 38db C weighed

For light drums and loud vocals. For those of us with noise sensitive relatives, or who like to play when others are resting, also for louder acoustic and some electric instruments, these newly developed modules offer a twenty-fold increase in isolation compared with the Standard Booth. The HD walls may be coloured and while they weigh a bit more, they cost a bit less.

Extreme Isolation ~ 50db C weighed

For heavier use and electric instruments. Also for use in noisy environments, these Extreme Booths weigh more, cost more and are built to special order.

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